Are you interested in immigration to Canada, but not sure how to do it?

Whether you want to make Canada your temporary or permanent home, it is important to get access to the most up-to-date information.

This section will help you answer the question: How do I immigrate to Canada?

Our immigration to Canada section has three main categories of programs for you to consider:

Permanent Residence canada

Long-term immigration programs, including economic programs (inclusive of Express Entry) and family sponsorship.

Work Permits canada

Programs which allow you to work in Canada for a limited period.

Study Permits canada

Permission to study at approved institutions, with the possibility to work during and after your studies and options to transition to permanent residence. If none of the situations listed apply to you, don’t lose heart – you may still be eligible for immigration to Canada. Please contact us to know more


Canada Permanent Resident Visa benefits?

Live, work & settle forever in Canada, without any restriction

Earn the double of what you are earning now & work for any company you wish to

If married, spouse & kids also can fly with you without any additional family visa

Children get free education & spouse gets right to work for any company in Canada

No need to pay for your or family’s medical treatments- Canadian government sponsors it for the entire family

Free quality education for children up to 18 years.

Travel to more than 150 countries without any visa.

Become Canadian citizen in 3 years.

What you need for Canada Immigration?


You will score the maximum of 12 out of 12 points if your age is between 18-35 years


Secure the maximum of 25 points for a doctorate level degree. The higher you are educated, the higher points you score for the education factor.

Language Proficiency

Give a significant boost to your score by scoring maximum of 28 points for the language proficiency factor by doing good in your language test.

Work Experience

Secure the maximum of 15 points for work experience if you have skilled work experience of 6 or more years.


Take the advantage of scoring extra 10 points for a sibling or a close relative living in Canada. You and your spouse/common-law partner’s past studies and work experience in Canada also considered.

Job Offer

An arranged LMIA-approved employment offer in Canada can help you score additional 10 points. A score of 67 points in the Canada’s Points based immigration selection system No criminal history Good health